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Subdivision Planning: Land Development With a Twist

Here at L Squared Engineering in Montgomery, Texas – civil engineering and land development are what we do best. It’s a joy and a challenge to picture what could be in a given location and to make it a reality with just that added touch of quality, efficiency, and style that makes your project a notch above the rest.


But when it comes to subdivision planning, well… this is a challenge that our teams really love to dig into. With subdivision planning, all of the normal rules of land development apply. They are; pay attention to the land, use space wisely, match client/talent/market needs, design outward in, don’t ignore the landscape, design for the whole picture, and- save the streets for last.


But all this has to be done within the constraints of the existing facility. For us, it’s like a big real-life game of Tetris. Fun! Find us online and see what we’ve been working on.


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