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Permitting: A Sticky Issue Made Easy with L Squared

No matter what kind of construction project you’re looking at – obtaining permits, making sure you’ve got the right kinds, paying for the relevant officials and consultants, and hoping nothing serious has escaped notice can be a major headache. Even for a homeowner doing a minor renovation, missing out on one important point of regulatory compliance can mean fines, fees, and loads or do-over work.


Here at L Squared Engineering in Montgomery, Texas, the vast majority of our work is done in cooperation with all of the relevant permitting agencies to allow for the most efficient use of your construction dollars and time. Permits can include those from cities, TCEQ, TxDOT, FEMA, and counties. We make sure that the relevant authorities are consulted with ahead of time so that you don’t get halfway through your project and get the dreaded news that something major has not been built to code.


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