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Land Development: L Squared Style

There’s a lot more to land development done right than just slapping structures down on the terrain with no thought to how they will work with planned, future, and existing structures as well as with the existing topography.


The rules of land development are well established. They are; pay attention to the land, use space wisely, match clients with talent and market needs, design outward in, don’t ignore the landscape, design for the big picture, and- of course- save the streets for last.


In so many housing developments, we see streets going in first, structures working out from the center and so many other mistakes. Frankly, we look at it as an opportunity to do better. That’s why, here at L Squared Engineering in Montgomery, Texas- we strive to do land development the right way, the first time. And in the end, your project will stand out. We guarantee it.


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